I have always seen the Yorkshire Bank around the corner but never given it a second look to see why I can be bothered about their services. I seems alright with my other banks so no reason to think otherwise. However, as I passed this day, I daw this advert from their window, it was after their closing hour but I felt they were talking to me. They wanted me to cone join them because they revolve around me. Just a quick though, I want something personalised, something unique, a banking service that I can have access to anytime and here they confess that they revolve around me. Could this be true or just another marketing strategy. It was a straight talking advert which I felt attached to but how best can they influence me to change my mind? Like so many other prospective customers seeing that, they ask why should I cone over to you. Unless you are having a bad experience with your bank or you wanted something different then you can think otherwise. At the moment, I don’t think I need another bank but should in case, I know where to go. Hopefully they will still be maintaining that promise. Their brand as been integrated into my mind and hopefully we will engage soon.