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The influence of social media cannot be over emphasised in this generation. From individual to corporate organisation and even government bodies, we are all having our mark on social media network. It gives us the opportunity to connect with people, to interact and engage. You may be seen as an alien out of this world if you don’t have an account.

A lot as been said about how social media is affecting our day to day activities; especially our normal way of face to face interaction. It’s got its plus and minus. You can develop professional networks and also tweet at your siblings without making effort to see them over the weekend. We all want to feel among and to be listened to, may be not physically but over the social media network, I may not have seen you before but we can be friends on Facebook and I may also choose to follow you on Twitter.

However, unlike Facebook, Twitter does not give you that automatic contact, you make effort to follow someone and you hope the person will retaliate with the follow button but it’s not always the case.

On Friday’s, my TL is filled with follow requests. Its follow friday and you may choose to recommend someone to follow it follow randomly. On one of such occasions, I have followed someone based on recommendations. Some guarantees instant follow back. I sometimes have a problem with such when I check the ratio of follower on following and it’s not getting close to 1:1. With the exception of some spammy accounts.

I asked myself, why I am following this person. I can not see myself following someone with just one tweet, no matter who he or she is. There is no value in this relationship.


The first set of people I followed were my families and friends and then I moved over to professional contacts. Those I can share from their experiences and then some random set of people who I liked their tweets; they followed me or making trends.

Twitter once recommend I follow someone. I wondered what they found common between us, I however checked her bio and I did saw nothing but more than six thousand followers, just to engage with her, I twitted that I don’t know her and not so sure if I was going to follow as recommended. The conversation that ensued after that tweet was interesting, I have never had such experience before on twitter, some of her satisfied followers began to tweet reasons why I should and I guess they can’t all be wrong. I followed her afterwards and she reciprocated. Forget follow Fridays, the real time to know who is worth following is aside that day.

In developing relationship, I believe twitter should not be taken serious. You should be able to understand the fact that some can’t just be bothered to follow you back. Some expects you to ask (or beg) for it while some will just follow willingly.

You should not be expecting a follow back from someone with one or no follower, it had been clearly stated that they just want to give out tweets and not interact.

I don’t see any reason bad in requesting a follow back, most people do it because they want to be able to send a direct message (DM) which is quite understandable but my concerns is about those who want you to ask. Even if I ask you may still choose not to follow me so its all your choice to follow back and you are not under compulsion. However, the fact remains some don’t deserve a follow back.




However you choose to go by, remember some people will be ready to listen to you. Keep sharing your thoughts and it will steadily grow. It’s about quality of followers and not quantity.