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I have always loved travelling around London, using the tube, buses and over ground trains. I enjoy moving from one place to another as I explore my environment. Fortunately for me, I have being able to use the Piccadilly line more than any other line on the London Underground.


The Piccadilly line was the first underground service I used when I came into London, from Heathrow to Kings Cross St Pancras, I have never used such train before and it has being a wonderful experience since then. I travel that route regularly on my way to Luton and it has being a part of my itinerary for about two years now.


This is about 60 minutes journey to St Pancras and extra 30 if you are going towards Arnos Grove. The line spans through Zone 1 from in Heathrow Terminals in Zone 6 to Cockfosters in Zone 5. You just have to keep yourself busy and entertained while on this route. Over the period of time, I have come across things that I found fascinating.


1.      The Long List.

Before you even board the train, standing on that platform, you take your time to read the stops on the service. It could be discouraging if you are going to Cockfosters where you have to see people get on board and alight while you calmly seat on the train.


2.      Flying Luggage.

The Piccadilly service is the cheapest and main transport from Heathrow Airport to Central London. The first thing you might notice on the train will be luggage of travellers from and to Heathrow Terminals. The trains have space by the doors to accommodate luggage for the many passengers travelling to and from Heathrow Airport. It is a regular view of various sizes of bags and luggage as travellers try to connect their flight.

3.      The Cabin Crews.

They will offer a welcoming view to the train cars, always well dressed in the fitted uniforms, with their luggage marked crews. Going home after a long shift at work (in the air). I once meet Ellen – A Senior Cabin Crew with Virgin just going to work. Dressed in everything red – from suit to skirt and even shoes.


4.      Empty Seats.

In the mornings when I use the service, you come in almost empty because it is at the end of the Zone but from Green Park, it get full, you have some other people joining the service, mostly city workers and tourist going to central London but after Finsbury Park, it get empty as we approach the final station.



5.      Sleeping Beauty.

It is such a long journey and you find people sleeping on train. I once saw a man sleeping on the train, we had passed Bounds Green and wondering what to do, and should I wake him up or allow him to enjoy the short nap? Seems he was coming from Night duty, I hope he has not passed his stop. The train stopped at Arnos Grove and we all alighted but who know if he has missed his stop.



6.      Mobile Makeup Session.

You won’t miss City workers taking time to touch up their makeup. With about thirty minutes to spare on train, you can still have less than 60 minutes make over. I had to commend their skills; they must have practised it over time, making up in during such an unstable journey as the train moves up and down, bending corners.


7.      1 of 5 a day?

It was surprising to see this young man drinking his yogurt with tea spoon, guess it was one of his 5 a day. He could not wait to get to his destination. I am always amazed at what people do during these commuting hours. I read some do have their breakfast cereal on train. I have not seen any on Piccadilly anyway.


8.      Welcome to London.

This was what I told these young American girls, from the assent I know where they were from, carrying London Map and looking through the window to see the green areas London has got to offer. They were eager to get to their hotel room and explore the city.


9.      Thank you Metro (Newspaper)

Londoners will always appreciate the Metro free newspaper. It offers on board entertainment for travellers. In most cases I use it to keep myself busy may be when my phone battery is getting exhausted. You can easily pick a left over paper and read it, its recycling. However, it litters the Train too, though much effort is made to make people take care of their litters.


10.  Overground Network.

Of the 52 stations served, 25 are underground, I can testify to the importance of these over ground appearances, from Hounslow to Earl’s Court, I can use my mobile phone and access the internet. This is one feature I seems to appreciate on this service, though you were meant to be underground and with no services, excluding Virgin Wi Fi at stations, these route gives you some time to enjoy your phone mobile network.


Everyone who plies this route may have different things that fascinate them but I bet we will surely have some things in common.  I have been pleased to use the Piccadilly service and enjoy every bit of it. Thanks for taking time to read my experience; I hope you look out for them on your next trip on the Piccadilly service.