With the recent submission for the advert for Samsung Galaxy S4 by Rosabel Leo Burnett has raised my interest in standardised adverts and presentation of cultural values in adverts.

Why didn’t Samsung use the adverts they used in America or Europe? In most cases it might not be an effective advertising campaign.

But with this submissions, are our cultural value as Nigerian represented in these adverts. How is it Nigerian?

Unfortunately, the worst design can win by gaining the highest like but that doesn’t make it an effective advert.

However, here are my thoughts on an effective Samsung Galaxy S4 advert for the Nigerian market.

1. It should represent Nigeria, something specific for us and may not be replicated in another part of the world. This could be the celebration of our environment, natural or human resources.

I saw one of the designs that features a white whale….have we got that In Nigeria? The design was so beautiful but not Nigerian.

2. Maintain basic brand guidelines for the advert. The use of the right font, the S logo and the right images. These has to be standardised all over the world. Nigeria can’t be an exception.

A good example will be Nando’s. They have same design and layout for their adverts all over the world but the fonts are used to describe something Nigerians can relate to.

3. Provide the useful information. This is a new phone, an highly involving products. The quantity of information provided on these adverts might actually be different across the world.

However, this is not a Candy or Chocolate Bar where a large photograph on a full Page advert will do, useful detailed information needs to be provided for the consumers to make the right choice.

In conclusion, the idea is to develop an adverts Nigerians can relate with, providing the information to generate interest and at the end increase sales for Samsung.