Flipping through the pages of The Guardian Newspaper, I came across this full page obituary and I asked myself how much creativity or simplicity can be achieved with an Obituary design?

Nigerians are know to cherish and celebrate their deads and numerous adverts on full pages of newspapers for obituaries and remembrances can testify to this.

But when all you have to show is just the name and a passport photography, I question the lack of creativity in ensuring that this money is well spent. How much is a full Page of Guardian and this is all you have got to show for it?

If we assume, there was no better photograph, the advert should tell us more about the person, why was he so special, who sponsored the adverts and those who he left behind to mourn.

Could it be because he wasn’t a Nigerian? That’s something else to ponder upon. Just as people spend thousands of naira to buy coffins for their loved ones, I won’t expect his confin to be made of cardboard.