This car might not get you the best lady in town, people might not necessarily take notice of it or decide to take a picture because it’s not really that kind of car that can reach 60mph in 2 seconds but there are three big reasons for you to think of if you are considering buying a new car.

Here I present to you, my advert of the day, August Bank Holiday, Monday 26th August, 2013. It’s a billboard advert for Skoda I found on Eardley Road, South West London.

Advertisements with rational appeal provides you the needed information to make the choice and the reason why this is my advert of the day, it provides information for a prospective car buyer to compare with other car deals and make a choice.

Some deals might exceed one of these three reasons, Kia gives 7 years warranty while Vauxhal gives a life time for a single owner but how many of these cars can give you at £99 a month? I guess that’s the reason why that tops the list. It’s about the money you can save.

As a prospective buyer, the information has been boldly presented, can you see a a better deal else where? If not you might have to consider Skoda.