There was a discussion raised by on Naija Graphics Designer Facebook group asking about design education in Nigeria, how many creative designers actually went to a design school and have a degree in design? The idea was to see reasons for a structured art education and its importance in developing a creative career.

Can you imagine why David Beckham had to allow his son join a football academy, Dare Art Alade studying Music in UNILAG or Kelvin Okafor, the Nigerian pencil artist in UK, a graduate of Fine Art from University of Middlesex?

Education refines your crude creativity. And hopefully you are, because when you lack creativity, that’s when education makes no difference. Best student in JAMB may not necessarily do well in Art School.

Most Nigerian designers are creative and they go extra miles to refine their crude skills, tutorials on YouTube, tips from Google and learning from others because there is no well structured art school to refine them. You see designers with first degree in Microbiology and wonder what they would have achieved if they spend those years in Art School and not in the lab.

I have a first degree in Architecture and I could relate well with the illustrations of the draughtman, I was once like that, draughting day and night on tracing paper and Rotring pen with adjustable set, but when I graduated, you discover those guys will just keep drawing for the test of their lives. Architects draw in pencils and give them to draw out.

Education enhances your level of professionalism, the way you communicate with colleagues and clients, your style of writing and feedback because you studied in a place where your lecturer can’t just shout on you because you have a bad design, you know the presentation styles to use and relate well with other professionals.

If you think you can afford it, please do. It will help. Some questions Pastor for going to Theology School or those going back to Business Schools, even with their first degree, in any subject. I choose to have a Masters of Art and it helped me appreciate art, can’t go to any city without visiting the museum.

No doubt, you have the skills, you are creative but education will refine those skills and you are more polished.

Thanks for reading through. Enjoy your day.