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With interest I have watched the print advert design of the new TSBank, a split unit of Tue Lloyds TSB Bank, the end to animated images for Bank Adverts in UK.

No doubt, this is a new old bank and most young people in this generation may not really know what TSB stands for, it left our high streets almost twenty years ago.

But on their second arrival, what is the plan for advertising and creating the right perception about the Brand? What will they do differently? I have come here to document some proposed ideas which I think they will work upon.

As expected, the have remained to be rational in their adverts, textually presenting themselves in.print adverts, they have bold solid light blue fonts on.white background, really impossible and in your face.

This is however in contrast with Lloyds Bank which has decided to go emotional with their adverts, they have an upper hand after the break up because they are not considered as a new bank and they still use their green colour and the black horse as their logo.

For their print adverts, they have also gone for an imposing solid white font on green background but most importantly the use of emotionally appealing images. The image of the hand with an engagement ring, the little girl playing on.the swing and the two dogs all appeals to our emotions as individuals.

But what next with TSB, how long will they continue to be rational, with solid text and no images? Will they ever use images, like HSBC and First Direct or they are waiting for the right time?

If they decide to use am image, I will propose someone, preferably a celebrity in late forties, who has a memory about the old TSB, someone who can share the stories and create interest for younger ones who can’t remember.

Seocndly, I think old pictures of TSB can also do well to create interest and enthusiastic feel for New customers and brings back memories for old customers.

Lastly, customers for the new banks can also be used for the adverts, to tell the stories of new things happening in the bank, what they found different and how things has changed.

These are just my suggestions based on my interest and analysis of various bank print adverts in UK. Working on my research to develop a conceptual framework for emotional appeal in.advertisement and add more to knowledge around this area of marketing communications..