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In the space of thirty minutes travelling through the London Undeground from Stockwell to Kings Cross St Pancras, I have seen two adverts signposting prospective tourists to their countries.

It appears that have something to offer, they can’t keep it to themselves and hope Londoners and the rest if the world will come experience it.

Its called Destination branding – Packaging a place, country or even a state/county to attract visitors.

The first one was for Egypt, deep down in me, I know that is not a country I would like to visit, based on the information I have been feed with on the news media. I have not being to Egypt before but the information I have received so far has not been encouraging. There is civil unrest, protest and riots in your country and you want me to come and spend seven days and night…? No way.



The second was from Taiwan, that’s not a bad place and I could have taken time to read the advert if not that I was running late to catch a train, apart from the perception of cheap spare part in Ladipo, I feel more comfortable with Taiwan.


The main point of this rants is a question I couldn’t answer myself. Have we got any reason to attract tourists to Nigeria? Can I recommend Nigeria for a colleague to spend holiday without reminding me of Boko Haram and Kidnapping? What have we got in Nigeria to offer tourists?

I hear you say, we have got loads of seafront…

But how do you expect foreigners to know when you don’t advertise? How many people know about tourism in Nigeria? Even though we have our own problems in Nigeria, why can’t we place advert in London and tell people we aren’t that bad. Despite the problems in Egypt, they know they can still take care of their visitors.

Adverts in London excludes those pop up banners by the Windows of the Nigerian High Commision. Not adverts in Barking, Perckam or Old Kent Road, Media planners and buyers will best advice on how to spread our good deeds.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any one in the ministry of tourism (or even in Abuja) and I hope they will take time respond to email so this is a platform I can afford to share my thoughts.

If you have oga at the top, movers and shakers in.places of authority, please pass my message, sell Nigeria, in the rigut way to the outside world. if they have beefing dining it, it seems not enough.

God bless Nigeria.