An excerpt of a BrandBridge radio programme I presented on Africa UK Radio.

More than Six billion people in the world with different identities, biometrics data are gathered to represent our individuality. Something about us makes us different.

Starting from the original story of branding, Owners differentiate their cattle from some else’s by distinctive symbol burned into the animal’s skin with a hot iron stamp. Whenever you see the Cattles you know who owns it.

Even the signatures on paintings of famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci can be viewed as an early branding tool.

Now Branding is very much involved in Business, with competition.

In no particular order, Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel, Apple, Microsoft and Google are Top Brands in the world.

In every sector, we have the top guns and it can even be broken down into sub categories. –Airlines, Automobiles, Business Services.

So why the fuse about branding?

For the Corporate Organization, it is about being easily recognized. Integrating their identities to the mind of customers and which they hope will lead to sales.

Visuals plays a great role, graphics elements like colours, fonts and even sounds helps to integrate this right perception about the brands.

Adverts play a great role too. It brings in all this visual together, on television, large bill boards and even adverts in the Newspaper.

It should be noted that not all adverts is for everyone, you might have seen an advert for a very expensive Rolex wristwatch but you feel since you can’t afford it, so you can’t be bothered with the advert.

But when you win that lottery, you will want to get it. Then you will remember those expensive things that were advertised.

So adverts work to create that impression, idea and information in you, even if you don’t need it now, it could be useful later in the future.

Also if you have a bad experience with a company, you will not want to recommend them. They have created the wrong idea about their company and so therefore they have lost a customer.

Now flipping the coin around, if a friend recommends a trades man for you and you were not happy with the plumbers services, will you want to recommend him?

How about if your daughter brings home her boyfriend and it happens to be the boy you saw on the bus swearing and about to beat up another girl, what comes to mind?

That is to point out that as individuals, we are BRANDS.

What comes to mind when you hear my name? What comes to mind when you see my picture or if I send you an email?

When you Mobile phone show the name and person calling, what is that first thought that comes to mind? Oooh he wants to ask for money, or he want to disturb me again or make a report. Or you feel excited when you see the call?

All these thoughts and perception makes up our individual brands.

Like Corporate organisation, indivudusals build their brands, it is a continuous process and you can’t put a full stop to it. Every effort counts towards creating that right perception.

What would have happened if your Daughter’s boy friend was the one who offered you his seat on the Bus? You will be more than happy to welcome him to the family.

When we take this serious, it opens doors of opportunity.

It’s a conscious effort that takes time.



  • Know that you are a brand and treat yourself that way.
  • Treat others (your customers) how you will want your Energy provider () A corporate brand to treat you)
  • Make effort to present yourself approachable.